Fraternity Rushing


The ultimate week of man flirting. Whether you're a library nerd or a hardcore partier, every college student should experience a week of rush just for the hell of it. If you don't know what rush is, then you've missed out. This article is brought to you by our friends over at Pledging Sucks. Let's face it- pledgeship fucking sucks. It's a love/hate relationship depending on who you are. Fuck secrecy, let it all out. It's not hazing. It's brotherhood.

Rush usually occurs the first week of school in both the fall and spring, rush is a “formal recruitment” period that (as Wiki so prophetically describes) usually consists of events and activities designed for members and potential members to learn about each other and the organization. Right— except this definition forgets to talk about the free food, endless kegs, easy girls, extreme promises, farfetched lies and true man flirting. Rush, in a nutshell, has countless opportunities for both sides. If you’re a rushee, the free shit is amazing. Whether you're actually interested in joining a frat (or not), it really doesn't matter. If Greek life just isn’t for you, at least you get some free food and booze out of the deal. The other type of rushee is the true frat-star-to-be. If you know you’re eventually going to pledge, you better fucking enjoy rush— it’s the only week of the semester in which you won’t regret your decision. Enjoy the love, comfort and freedom... it doesn't last long.

And then there’s the other side of the fence— being a brother during rush. It pretty much blows. If you’ve ever questioned your sexuality, this week might be the week. As a brother, you pretty much have one goal: dick-sucking. Well, not literally, but almost. You better make every rushee feel like they’re the shit. For a fraternity to survive, there must be pledges. To get pledges, you’ve got to convince the starry-eyed freshman during rush that there isn’t one frat on campus that even comes close to this one. If it takes a few keg stands, sketchy promises and a favor from a slutty ex-girlfriend, it’s all worth it.


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