Tag: Pledging

Pledging is the multi-step process where potential members, that have been chosen during rush; learn about every member, bond with pledges, learn about the founding members and learn the history of the fraternity and the Greek system as a whole. Well thats how a dictionary might define it but in essence being a pledge is being the bitch of that frat until you get in. Everyone knows that pledging sucks but its a way to bond the brotherhood, so just go with it!

March 18, 2011

Many college students choose to pledge a fraternity. As freshman they see this as an opportunity to live the college dream. When students are pledging a frat they have to do many crazy things and spend long hours doing the bidding of there bros. Here are the top five reasons why pledging sucks.

February 04, 2011

Fraternities will continue to be a social tradition as long as society involves adolescents, alcohol, sex and drugs. There are always cases of pledgeship that have gone haywire and when they do go wrong they many times lead to some bad hazing incidents. We bring you the top ten worst hazing stores of all time.

January 10, 2011

The ultimate week of man flirting. Whether you're a library nerd or a hardcore partier, every college student should experience a week of rush just for the hell of it. If you don't know what rush is, then you've missed out. Usually occurring the first week of school in both the fall and spring, rush is a "formal recruitment."