2022 Top Party Schools in USA

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This is the list that every college student is eager to see before choosing a university to attend. Since 1993, Princeton Review has published the top party schools in the United States based on student surveys distributed to more than 143,000 students across 381 colleges. In 2022, the University of Wisconsin-Madison ranked supreme. Here's a closer look at the top 20 party colleges in America. Does your chosen university like to party?

1. University of Wisconsin-Madison

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the Badgers haven't received this honor since 2005. University of Wisconsin-Madison is a friendly place to hangout, drink beer, and join in some memorable chants.

2. West Virginia University

In second place is West Virginia University. This college is all about partying every weekend. Nearby WVU is Fat Daddy's which has set the world record for the most Fireball shots taken in one night.

3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Third place goes to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The college has great access to bars and a fantastic Greek life.

4. Lehigh University

Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA is a small, urban university with just over 5,000 undergraduates. However, this doesn't stop them from having a great time.

5. Bucknell University

Bucknell is a small, private liberal arts university that has maintained its spot on the top 20 party colleges list for years. The school has a massive Greek life presence with nearly half of the students attending a fraternity or sorority.

6. University of Iowa

In Iowa City, the University of Iowa has two main goals: go to class and party. The school may have over 23,000 undergraduate students in its ranks but still manages to maintain a smaller college vibe.

7. University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi has been in and out of the top 10 party colleges but has earned this year's spot at number 7. University of Mississippi has also ranked as one of the top schools where "Students Study the Least".

8. Syracuse University

Syracuse University has gradually dropped from being the number 1 party school from several years ago. However, the students still now how to have a good time. Syracuse has also earned a top spot in the "Students Pack the Stadiums" list.

9. Tulane University

Tulane University of Louisiana is a well-known historical institution and one of the most well-respected colleges in America. While the students there know how to party, they are great at keeping up their grades.

10. Colgate University

Colgate University is not only known as a top party school, but also for their rigorous academic curriculum. These students study hard and play hard.

11. University of California - Santa Barbara

While the University of California - Santa Barbara has cracked down after being declared a hard-partying college, it remains on the top 20 list. The school has also earned spots for the 'Happiest Students', 'Lots of Beer', and 'Reefer Madness'.

12. University of Delaware

University of Delaware is known for several things, including their ability to party hard and massive Greek life. They've no doubt earned their ranking as the number 12 party college.

13. University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island is bustling with activities both on campus and off. The weekends are when the party scene really heats up, giving the college a top ranking.

14. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University not only has a tradition of rolling The Quad after sports wins, but also for its high use of alcohol among students.

15. College of Charleston

Coming in at number 15 is the College of Charleston. The school also earned the number 17 spot in the "Lots of Beer" category and the number 13 spots in "College City Gets High Marks".

17. University of Vermont

The University of Vermont has had a long reputation for partying. While the school has a history of some underage drinking and drugs, most of the partying is laid-back and legal.

18. University of Florida

The University of Florida meets all the criteria for being a party school. There are lots of drinking, not enough time studying outside of class, and a very active sorority and fraternity system.

19. University of Colorado - Boulder

While the amount of partying has declined at the University of Colorado - Boulder, it still remains on the top 20 party colleges list.

20. Florida State University

Florida schools are among the best college schools in the U.S. Florida State is known for their great balance of partying and academics, making them an excellent choice for students who value both.


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