Women are Fakers

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The results are in on the nation's largest sex study in over a decade and they might surprise you! If you believe any of these stats then most guys aren't as good in bed as they claim. Many women seem to be faking their sexual encounters. What does this say for couples' happiness in the bedroom?

A study performed by Indiana University revealed that 85 percent of men claim their latest sexual partner had an orgasm. However, only 64 percent of women claim to have had an orgasm in their most recent sexual encounter. This is clearly a pretty big discrepancy! While some of this discrepancy could be because men switched from a non-orgasmic partner to an orgasmic partner, a 21 percent difference definitely indicates there is something else going on.

What exactly does this data suggest? The most obvious answer is that women are faking orgasms. Why exactly would a woman fake it? It could be due to many different factors. She might just want to make her man feel good or maybe she has had enough and is ready for bed. Whatever the reason, it is disturbing news for all of those guys out there wondering if their girlfriend could be faking. If a woman’s lower area around her butt turns a reddish-pink during sex this is an indication she has had an orgasm. Though, you will never know for sure.

The survey also reveals that “men are more likely to orgasm when sex includes vaginal intercourse; women are more likely to orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts and when oral sex or vaginal intercourse is included.” Men, you know what that means! You need to do a little extra work on your girl before the big moment. Bring her to the brink of orgasm with foreplay alone. If you build up to sex your lady will be more likely to orgasm with you.

Study: National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior


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