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Who doesn't like a good game of Beer Pong, Flip Cup or Kings Cup? No matter if you are throwing a big party or just a kickback, drinking games are essential for every good party. They bring all your friends together to compete in drunken amusement. Drinking games also bring an element of fun into a party that you just don't get standing around a keg. Take a look at all our drinking game pages and look through all our drinking game ideas.

April 04, 2010

The game Avalanche is a good game for a college party where you have too many people for many other drinking games but want to get everyone involved. This is a game played with a die and this drinking game can be played with any number of people.

By: The Rulemaster

March 08, 2010

Do you not have any cards, dice, quarters or ping pong balls but still want to play a drinking game? Well it's all good, the game "21" needs none of those items. Twenty-One is a word game and all you need is your bodies and the beer of course. The drunker you get the harder it will be to concentrate and remember the rules so have fun with it!

By: The Rulemaster