Beer Checkers

By: The Rulemaster

You've played the classic version now it's time to play the drunken one. Beer checkers is a spinoff of the standard game of checkers. It's generally a two-player game played on a regular checkboard. Instead of checker pieces, you use cups or shot glasses of beer or the alcohol of your chosen. Also referred to as shot glass checkers, beer checkers is a popular game often played among students in universities across the U.S.

What You Need

  • Checkboard (regular size for shot glasses or custom size for larger cups)
  • 24 shot glasses or cups
  • Beer or any type of alcohol you’d like

Set Up

Sit opposite your opponent with a sturdy table between you in which you will assemble the board. Set up a standard checkboard like you would for a normal game of checkers. Replace the checker pieces with shot glasses or small cups.

Each opponent should have 12 shot glasses or cups on their side for a total of 24 glasses/cups. To distinguish each side, use different colored glasses/cups or use different colored liquids – e.g. dark beer and light beer.

Place the shot glasses or cups in the appropriate squares just like you would for a normal game of checkers. Fill each of the shot glasses or cups about half-full of beer or the alcohol of your choice.


The rules of the game are similar to that of regular checkers. When a piece reaches the king’s row, fill the shot glass or cup full. If a piece is jumped by your opponent, you must drink the alcohol from the jumped piece.

The winner of the game is the player who has an opponent that cannot move their piece. This usually happens when all of the remaining pieces are blocked or when the player has no remaining pieces. The loser must finish the remaining shot glasses or cups from the winner.


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