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Ninety-Nine, also referred to as Beer 99, is a unique card game that involves both math and drinking. The main objective of this drinking game is to place cards into a pile and to have that pile have a value of 99.

What You Need

  • Standard deck of 52 playing cards
  • Lots of beer

Setting Up

Everyone who wants to participate will need to sit around a table. The dealer then gives each player 4 cards. The remainder of the deck is placed on the table. Turn the top card over. The game continues in a circle, one player at a time. During the game, it is important for each player to mentally keep tract of the total value of the pile. However, certain cards do have implications.


In the game:

  • Fours can be used as a skip card if you have nothing else to play.
  • Tens can be used as a regular card or used when the pile is in the 90’s to automatically drop it to 10.
  • Kings can be used to avoid drinking or to make someone else drink.

Once you have played a card, take another from the stack. When you run out of cards, you will need to shuffle the cards that have already been played. If someone puts down a card that results in the pile equaling 99, the person that is next must drink a beer unless they have a special card, such as a King.

The game can also include a Waterfall challenge. The count may only go to 99 and you can only put down cards that will stop at 99 and not go over. If you are not able to play a card, you are out of the hand and you’re last in line for the waterfall. In the waterfall, the winner drinks until they want to stop. Once the winner stops, the second-place winner can drink until they feel like stopping, and so on.


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