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Not everybody has the luxury of going to a college like the University of Nevada Las Vegas, which sits a mere 5 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. Instead, those unlucky bastards turn to their creative processes to bring Sin City to their campus, no matter how deep into the boonies they may be. It may take some clever arranging and maybe even a little research of the rules of the games, but a Casino themed party could easily be the talk of the school for the rest of the semester.

Setting Up

Any jackass could run out to Party City and pick up a few cardboard Dice cutouts, some black and red streamers, and a "Royal Family" paper table centerpiece, but these decorations alone do little to instill that "casino" feel that the party will need to burst with. So toss aside the cardboard decorations, break open a deck of cards, and let's turn your dorm into a true casino.

Obviously, there are two necessities that come to mind when one thinks of a casino ' booz and gambling. Since the former of the two is the easiest to procure, save the alcohol for the end of the planning process when your casino is practically up and running. While card games are a heavy part of the entertainment offered by these establishments, table games like Craps and Roulette are essential to completing your theme. Professional Roulette sets can run a few hundred dollars, and while something of that caliber will help with authenticity, it's not necessary. Most party stores carry a less impressive, yet just as effective version of the game of chance - complete with wheel, table mat, and betting chips. The same goes for craps - a table mat and dice can be purchased at a fairly bargain price ' or, if there's a pool table on premise, you can use chalk to recreate a craps table; just be sure to cover the holes. Card table games are easy to pull off and should only require a table and some chairs and a few decks. Of course, with each game, the dealer can either be brought in from the outside or can just be the least drunk of everybody at the party.

Speaking of drunk, when it's time to purchase the liquor you'll want to stick to more 'sophisticated' drinks and assorted beers. Dry martinis and various Jack Daniels-based drinks should be popular beverages ' and if you can go that extra mile, it'll be the perfect addition to have those drinks served by scantily clad cocktail waitresses (again, you can hire some hotties from the outside or use the schools female student body as a valuable resource).

What to Wear?

For the guys attending the party, attire can be pretty basic. Any variation of a suit or business casual getup will give them that "High Roller" look that they assume will attract the ladies. Some may take the casino theme as an opportunity to put forth their best Elvis Presley impression. If the casino is meant to be Las Vegas based, that's not so bad, but after the third or fourth Elvis impersonation walks through the doors, it's time to start sending some back home for a wardrobe change.

The gals at the party can have a little more fun with their choice of clothing then the guys. They can either go the 'cocktail waitress' route and wear something that's very cleavage-heavy and short or throw on their fanciest and sexiest dress to distract their male opponents at the tables.

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