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There's already a Celebrity lookalike party, but that's not quite the same as the 'Famous Who' party. Famous Who puts your party guests to work by forcing them to guess who other guests are dressed as. Getting wrong and they take a shot. Get it right and the celebrity lookalike takes one. Easy as pie - and anyone with a good imagination will be able to get through the night without even one correct guess. Hell, some people may guess wrong just in order to take a shot. To each their own, though.

Setting Up

There are two must have elements to this party - Booze and Celebrity Lookalikes. You don't have to go crazy with decor. Maybe make your party space look like a 70's Hollywood hangout with some frilly pillows. Really, it's all about the alcohol.

Your booze of choice is going to be dependent on whether or not you want to make your guests pass out. Want the festivities to last a little longer, try to go for something a little milder. Rather than shots, have your guests chug a light beer or a wine cooler. Otherwise, go to town with your alcohol selection. Your guests are going to be sucking back these drinks, so don't think you have to go expensive. Choose something effective and worry less about brand name as they likely won't be actually tasting the drink. Try various vodkas, scotch, anything that feels good going down.

As your guests arrive, designate which ones are the celebrities and which ones simply did not want to participate. Something simple like a colored handkerchief. As your celebrities make their way around the party, other guests will try to guess. If they're wrong, they drink. If they're right, the celebrity drinks.

Bam! You're set up!

What to Wear?

Considering the one with the least recognizable costume is probably going to be the least drunk, you want to choose what you wear dependent on how plastered you want to get. Want to be blackout drunk? Show up as Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga. Want to try and remember the bulk of the party? Try something a little less obvious like Brad Pitt or Adele; someone with a little less flash and less of a 'style'.

Charlie Sheen has become a pretty popular costume idea, so you may want to avoid him if you're not wanting to pass out. On the adverse, you could show up as his former Two and a Half co-star, Jon Cryer. You can even do actual characters, but again, you risk being recognizable. Rather than show up as Spider-Man, you may want to throw on your Will Smith from Independence Day get-up.

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