Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology is encumbered by Gods, Goddesses, murder, betrayal, sex, and monsters. Sounds kind of similar to college life, no? Why not bring to life this apparent historic precursor to college by throwing together a Greek Mythology Party. It's about time you finally put all that knowledge you've learned in your Greek History course during your first semester to use.

Setting Up

Greece is known for its stone structures, tall white pillars, and gorgeous hanging gardens. While the tall white pillars and real stone structures may be a bit out of your reach, you can at least mimic the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by investing in a few hanging plants and designating one portion of the party space as the home for this modern iteration.

greek myth party

Miniature models of some of Greece's most infamous statues can be found in home stores and on-line, and while they have nothing on their oversized counterparts, they add the perfect accent to this historical bash. Throw a few strands of ivory and white fabric around your personal affects and party-specific decor to give that clean Greek look.

For your drink list, try to have beverages that include fruits like pomegranates and grapes, which were two of the historic civilizations most infamous fruits. Create a mixed drink and name it "Ambrosia", which was a drink depicted in Greek Myth that seemed to off eternal life.

What to Wear?

Tunics and togas will probably be the most sought after costumes for this party as people are bound to go for the easiest costume. Being a Greek Mythology party, though, you'll want to encourage guests to dress up as some of the civilization's most historic mythological figures.

greek  party theme

Male Costume Ideas:

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Hades
  • Apollo
  • Cyclops
  • Perseus
greek  party

Female Costume Ideas:

  • Persephone
  • Athena
  • Gaea
  • Aphrodite
  • A Siren
  • Medusa

It may be difficult to convey some of the above mythological figures (such as Athena and Apollo), but the creativity of the guests is amongst one of the more exciting aspects of a party like this. Greek mythology is littered with numerous figures ranging from Gods to Titans to heroic mortals, so guests should have no problem finding a figure that is easily recreated. If you can get somebody to create a Cerberus costume, than you know you've got yourself a good time.

greek mythology party

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