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The Los Angeles lifestyle is one that many people would love to live at one point in there life. From rubbing elbows with the stars to getting everything they've ever wanted practically for free, a life in Hollywood is an existence that some consider coveted. While you may not be able to offer much for free, by throwing a Hollywood theme party you can at least give your guests the atmosphere that they may be longing to experience.

Setting Up

When you think of Hollywood, what things come to your mind? The paparazzi? A red carpet lined with red velvet ropes? The Silver Screen? What if you could bring all of those to life within the realm of your Hollywood themed party?

For your Hollywood themed party, you need to make sure you don't cross over into a more 'Movie'-based party. To avoid this, stray away from plastering your walls with specific movie posters. Rather, to fill the empty void on your wall, you can easily print up 'Hollywood Stars' with your guests names on them. Scatter them throughout the room (mostly on the walls to avoid having them ripped by somebody stepping on them) so your guests will have a little activity to go through before the party starts.

Before they even get through the door, though, your guests should have that Hollywood feel blaring them in the face. To accomplish this, have a couple of your friends act as the 'paparazzi' for the evening. Initially set them up outside the event space to snap photos of your 'famous' guests as they show up and walk down the red carpet, which will be laid out through the main door. As the party kicks off, move your paparazzi indoors for some candid photos to sell to TMZ.

Your drinks for the evening should be classy. Champaign, sparkling cider, and higher end liquors should greet your celebrity guests as they show up. If you can afford it, spring for some name brand water such as Evian.

What to Wear?

Here's where things get really interesting. Since this isn't a 'movie themed' party, you don't want people showing up as movie characters. Rather, try to advocate for the costumes to be resemblances of some of Hollywood's hottest stars. Men can try for actors like George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Josh Brolin, and Harrison Ford while the gals can go for Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, and Scarlett Johansson.

If the possibility of portraying real actors and actresses is slim, your guests can just show up in very formal attire. Tuxedos, suits, gowns, and plenty of make-up will give off that Hollywood look that your 'paparazzi' will be looking to shoot.

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