Jersey Shore Party

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Not everybody has the luxury of making it out to the New Jersey shore during their spring or summer breaks to party with the rest of the Guidos and Guidettes. For those unfortunate souls that canít GTL with the best of them, you need to take the initiative and bring the Jersey Shore to whatever college campus you reside in. You may find yourself surprised as to how many of your fellow students wonít need to do much in the way of planning and preparation.

Setting Up

There isnít much you can do in the way of decorating to set up your Jersey Shore party. The shores of New Jersey, more specifically the one that sets the scene for MTVís Jersey Shore, are white sanded beaches with a horizon of crisp blue water. Since youíll be hard pressed to recreate this scenario within your college dorm or any event space, the beverages and attire are going to set the mood for this bash.

Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. Thatís about all that can be said about your drink menu. From beers to alcohol-heavy liquors, youíll want enough of the good stuff to drop a herd of elephants. Some of the beverages you definitely want to have include:

  • Ron Ron Juice
    • Vodka
    • Cranberry Juice
    • Watermelon Juice
    • Maraschino Cherries
    • Ice
  • Blast in a Glass
    • Shot Glasses filled with Rumple Minte
    • Half Glass of Beer
    • Shot Glass Gets Dropped Into Beer and the Drink Gets Slammed Down
  • Staten Island Ferry
    • Rum
    • Pineapple Juice
    • Ice
  • GTL Cocktail
    • Gin
    • Tonic
    • Lemonade
    • Ice
    • Mint Sprigs for Garnish

What to Wear?

Not that itís going to matter what anybody wears after your drinks are passed out, how people look is what fuels the mood of the party in the beginning.


For this party, the men are going to need to invest more time into their hair then ever before. Follow this link for a full on tutorial on how Jersey Shoreís Pauly D achieves his infamous hair. Be forewarned, youíre going to need to touch a hairdryer and a cement-like gel to achieve this look.

If you followed your GTL routine down to a ďtĒ, than you should have plenty of clothing to choose from for this bash. You can either go the bathing suit route - though youíll need to make sure youíre tanned beyond a healthy dosage - or stick with a standard wife beater. Either way, itíll be your cement-like hair that makes the look.


No matter what you wear, make sure your cleavage is about as predominant as any other part of your body. To complete your guidette look, youíll need to poof up your hair to unnatural heights and coat yourself in a heavy dosage of spray tan. Again, though, no matter what you decide to wear (be it a bathing suit or low-cut dress), itís the cleavage and hair that make the look!

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