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No matter what sex you are, at one point in time you contemplated what life would be like if you ditched the norms of society and took to the high seas. Pirates and their sexy counterparts are a popular part of Halloween attire, but the October holiday doesn't need to be the only opportunity to throw on a fluffy white shirt, obscure your vision in one eye, and shout out incomprehensible obscenities and nautical phrases. With "holidays" like "Talk Like a Pirate Day" growing all the more popular, it is no question why one would settle on a Pirates and Wenches theme for their campus shindig.

Set It Up

Preparing for a Pirates and Wenches themed party really doesn't take all too much thought and effort. Hop into your local party surplus store and chances are you'll fine a section devoted entirely to these villains of the ocean. Pick up a few decorative pirate flags, a bag of plastic eye patches, and some plastic swords and you have yourself the basics of this party. If you want to amp up the decor a little bit, you can pick up paper lanterns and a fake palm tree or two to give off a bit of a 'tropical island' feel.

Where preparation takes a slightly more difficult turn is with the drink menu. Of course, you'll want the staple alcoholic beverages like beer, but your choice of harder liquor should focus heavily on a privateers favorite - Rum. For authenticity, rum bottled in historically accurate and rather eye catching bottles can be purchased on the web ahead of time. To display the alcohol in the best way, anything that remains bottled could be stored in a faux "treasure chest".

What to Wear?

As a pirate or a wench, you have plenty of options when it comes to decorating yourself. Basic pirate and wench costumes can be purchased at on-line retailers during the costume 'off season' and will typically feature a fluffy white shirt, slacks, and boot covers. For taste, feel free to add a ridiculous hat, eye patch, and a plastic sword.

If you want to go for authenticity, pirate attire can be fairly attainable. You can go with the 'fluffy shirt' stereotype, but even a worn out white shirt layered in a vest or long coat can do the trick. 'Successful' pirates can be decorated in small pouches of doubloons (plastic, of course). Pirate hats may not be the easiest or cheapest to find, but the extra effort is more than worth standing out amongst a crowd of generic party store scalawags. The wenches of the night can follow the same mode of dress as the pirate, just with a lot more cleavage and leg showing. Corsets, dreadlocks, and bandanas are popular amongst the wench theme and will give off that 'sex on the high seas' look that most 'modern' wenches go for.

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