Ugly Sweater Party

By: The Costume King

Chances are we all have that Grandmother that seems to think we look good in monstrosities that really should be condemned. The Ugly Sweater is an infamous bit of most family histories, typically with one being handed down from one generation to the next. Decorated in anything from deformed snowmen to dogs that look like they were victims of Chernobyl, these monstrosities have just one purpose in life – to help fuel your Ugly Sweater themed party. It’s time to put those ghastly articles to good use!

Setting Up

You may be asking yourself “What kind of set up could there possibly be”, and honestly, you’ve actually got a point. There isn’t much you can do to set the tone for this party theme, as the whole point is what people wind up wearing. You could make this a holiday party – as it’s a wide known fact that most ugly sweaters are, for some reason, Christmas themed; but really your setup is going to be more focused on the alcohol and what to do with it.

You want to provide your guests with some pretty strong liquor, at least to allow them to forget that they’re enshrouded in a hideously designed sweater. You’ll probably be having this party in the winter months, seeing as how you don’t want your guests to sweat to death, so expect to have some warm, soothing beverages. Hot chocolate mixed with butterscotch Schnapps, cranberry juice infused with a large splash of vodka, any sort of spice beverage (i.e. spiced rum), and spiked eggnog are just a few potential ideas.

You should have one super strong drink available for those with the ugliest sweaters. Make it a competition to see who can wear the absolute ugliest – and award them with enough alcohol to drown a horse. Give shots to those that fulfill certain elements – such as wearing sweaters that make noise or light up. Oh, the opportunities are quite endless. If you can spring for one, get a real prize for the guest with the ugliest, most hideous sweater.

What to Wear?

Seriously, this is quite the no brainer. An ugly sweater. There it is. The hard part is simply finding one ugly enough, and with the interwebs at your disposal, it really shouldn’t be all that hard to find some unfortunately sewn stretch of clothe to fulfill the “ugly sweater” requirement.

Look for holiday sweaters – Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc… - as people tend to get their most creative when a holiday is involved. Find something with unique elements to stand out amongst the crowd. The light-up sweater – and they do exist – is your key to being the king of the ugly sweaters… incase that’s a title you’re actually proud to hold. As long as you show up with something ugly on, you’ll fit right into the crowd.

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