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Have you ever finished smoking a joint with some friends or taking a phat rip out of a bong and then has an 'Ah-Ha' moment? Our friends over at High Realize believed in the cultivation and expression of free thoughts and ideas. We bring you some of the best and funniest realizations as entertainment for you.

Our Favorites

Boston, MA

Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids,we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

Chico, CA

You know you're a pot head when the smell of a skunk doesn't bother you anymore... You're just wondering who has the dank.

Waynesburg, PA

High just realized that time travel must be impossible....If it *were* possible someone would have visited us from some future time in the course of history. Unless of course UFOs are really time machines! ;-)

San Diego, CA

I just realized that once weed is legal there will be a "Are You High" option @ fast food joints instead of "Super Size"

Honeoye , NY

You have a high brain and a sober brain and when you're sober you always seem to want to remember shit from when you got high and then you forget it, but you get high again and realize you never remembered it.

Pullman, WA

I just realized that cannabis would be legal way faster if we all just tossed the seeds we find in our herbs back to the Earth. Its been in our hands the entire time.

Oakland, CA

If weed only came in powder form, would you snort it? If you would then you should keep toking... if not you should stop.

Anywhere, USA

I'm not a social stoner. I don't like to smoke with people who expect you to have a long giggly chat with them the whole time. I'd rather be alone in my room, laying on a bed listening to Hendrix or watching Yellow Submarine. Having a psychedelic high.

Douglasville, GA

The difference between, people who smoke pot and those that don't is that people who smoke pot don't judge those that don't for not doing it. And we're also more fun to hang out with.

Dallas, TX

I started tripping out at work when an old man said to me, "put it on my tab my last name is Stoner."


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