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Spring Break is the time of year where all the college students worldwide get a week of freedom. Students on the quarter systems have just finished a busy hard week of finals, while the students on the semester system are in need of a mid-semester break. College students choose to celebrate this freedom in many different ways; from partying hard in foreign vacation destinations like Cancun to just kicking back and relaxing. Take a look at our articles below for all the details to spend your Spring Break in style.

September 19, 2019

After a hard week of finals everyone wants to get away to party and relax. Get the lowdown on where the parties are going to be at this spring break! Read on for the top 10 spring break destinations this year. We have details on each spot so you can pick the one that fits the break you are looking for.

By: The Party Guru

February 22, 2012

Classes are a drag and after a hard few months studying everyone needs to get away. We have this years list of the top ten best places to go party and relax for spring break. Details like boy to girl ratio, average temperature, number of MTV appearances and how many miles of beaches will help you make your decision.

By: The Party Guru

February 26, 2011

After many hard weeks of school everyone wants to go somewhere to relax and party. Well we have a list to check out before you get your plans set in stone. Our top ten best spring break locations has you covered with all the details for where to go this year. Read on for a list of party and relaxing locations.

By: The Party Guru