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Bullshit is a fun game that incorporates cards and drinking. The goal of the game is to get rid of your cards the fastest by playing them face down and avoiding getting caught in a lie. If you're able to lie well or call out another person's bluff, you may have what it takes to win the game.

What You Need

  • Deck of standard playing cards
  • 1 + beers per game
  • 4 to 6 players

Set Up

Set up involves all players sitting in a circle around the playing table. Remove the Jokers from the deck of cards and shuffle like you normally would for a game of cards. The dealer then hands out the cards evenly to each player in face-down piles until there are none left. This may leave one player with an extra card but it won't affect their odds of winning. If there is a large group playing, multiple decks of cards may be used.


The player to the left of the dealer goes first. This player begins the game by playing their Aces (face down). This player has several options. They can lie about the number of Aces they have. For example, if they only have 1 Ace they can lay it down along with another card that's not an Ace. If they have no Aces, they have to lie and put down one or more other cards.

When lying down your cards, you must call out what you're putting down - e.g. "Two Aces". If another player calls out "Bullshit", the cards must be flipped over. If you lied, you must take a drink. If the person who called out "Bullshit" is wrong, they must drink and take your cards.

It's now the next player to the left's turn. This player will be asked to play 2's in the same manner as the last player. The next player in the circle will then play 3's, then 4's, and so on until Kings are played. At this point, it will start all over with Aces. Throughout the game, players are able to lie about what cards they're holding and laying down.

The game continues in this fashion until someone is able to get rid of all of their cards and win the game. This forces everyone else in the circle to finish their drinks. If you wish for the game to continue, you can continue playing until there are only two players left.

In the game of Bullshit, anything goes. There are no rules about cheating, whether it's hiding cards up your sleeve or slipping more cards into your pile then you announce. However, if your caught cheating, you may face penalties created by your opponents.

While you can change the rules as you'd like, there are several variations of the game that are often played to make it more challenging for all players. For example, if a player is accused of cheating, he or she is able to admit and retrieve all of the cards without flipping the cards and allowing the other players to see what was actually played.

In a variation of the game called 'The Worst Bullshitter', if you get called out with "Bullshit" at least three different times and each time you were lying, you must take a shot of any type of alcohol agreed to by the group. In the variation known as 'King Bullshitter', if you get called out at least three different times with "Bullshit" but you were not lying, every one of your opponents must take three drinks. When playing the game, be sure to announce which version of the game you're playing and the rules.


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