Louisville Chugger

By: The Rulemaster

Louisville Chugger, also known as Dizzy Bat or D-Bat, is a drinking game in which a person chugs an entire beer out of a Wiffle bat. The general purpose of this game is to get drunk and do crazy stuff that will make people laugh.

What You Need

  • Plastic Whiffle bat
  • Lots of booze
  • Ball
  • Game participants

Setting Up

Before you can begin playing the game, you will need to prepare the Whiffle bat. This involves cutting off the very end of the handle. Ideally, you should sand down the end of the bat to prevent participants from cutting their lips on the sharp edges of the plastic. Next, wash out the bat so that it’s clean and ready for alcohol. Once clean, pour in a can or two of beer or other alcohol of your choice.


The game begins when the first participant begins chugging the beer from the bat. Friends at the party should count how long it takes the participant to finish drinking all of the alcohol.

Once the bat is empty, the participant should bend over and place his or her forward against the end of the bat. Make as many revolutions around the bat as it took to drink the beer. For example, if it took 15 seconds to drink all the alcohol, make 15 spins around the bat.

Directly after spinning, the person holding the bat must try to hit the ball while still in a dazed state. Be sure to play in an area where there are no nearby windows or other breakables.

After finishing these tasks, the next participant must complete the same steps. There is really no winner of this game but it can be fun to watch people try to spin in circles and hit a ball while drunk.


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