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While Shotgunning may seem like a simple drinking game, itís very effective in getting you drunk fast. Shotgunning is not exactly a game but can be made into a competition if multiple people want to race to see who can punch a hole into the side of a beer can and drink its contents the fastest.

What You Need

  • Cans of beer
  • 2+ people
  • Shotgunning tool
  • Timer

Setting Up

Find a place to play that is not too close to anything that could break or near people that could become injured if they stand too close. In one hand, the first player should have an unopened can of beer. In the other hand, the player must hold a shotgunning tool. This tool can be any sharp object capable of making a small hole in a beer can, such as a screwdriver, key, or pocket knife.


The rules of this game are simple. Have one person set a timer while the first player gets into position to start shotgunning. As the timer starts, the player must make a small hole in the side of the beer can using their shotgunning tool, then drink the entire contents of the beer. This should be accomplished as quickly as possible. To avoid the beer from spilling out once the hole is made, hold the beer in an upright position. Remember, the bigger the hole you make, the faster the alcohol will spill out of it.

Have the next player do the same thing to see if he or she can beat the first playerís time. If you have a lot of people playing, you can skip the timer all together and have everyone go at once. The first person to punch the hole in the can and drink the beer in its entirety wins.


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