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Thumper is a great way for you and your friends to release your pent-up energy without getting too drunk. The high-energy drinking game is easy to play and can have as many participants as you would like.

What You Need

  • Table to sit at
  • Alcohol of your choice
  • 4-plus players

Set Up

The set-up process for Thumper is easy. Get at least four players (the more the better) and sit around a table. Before starting the game, go around in a circle and allow everyone to display their chosen hand signal. This hand motion will represent the player in the game. Hand signals can be as simple or complex as the player would like, but should be funny to keep the game interesting. For example, a hand signal could be an army salute, moose antlers, or binoculars.


The game begins with all of the players “drumming” their hands against the table. While drumming, the leader of the game shouts “What’s the name of the game?” In response, the rest of the players shout “Thumper!” The leader then shouts “And why do we play the game?” and the response from the other players is “To get fucked up!”

At this point, the game begins and the leader performs his or her hand signal, followed by another player’s hand signal. The player whose hand signal was performed goes next. That player then performs his or her own hand signal, followed by another player’s hand signal. This continues until a player misses the cue, messes up, or takes too long to respond. If any of the above should occur, that player must drink.

You can customize the game by playing it in slow motion or at high speed. During each round, the players can also create a new set of hand signals.


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