Playboy Party

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In 1953, a young man by the name of Hugh Hefner started a small publication that showcased some of America’s most beautiful women. Today, this publication, known as Playboy, is more than just a nudie magazine. For some, it’s a way of life. It’s waking up every morning in a gigantic mansion while to others it’s the ability to attend humongous parties on a regular basis. To the common single man, it’s a friend that gets them through those long, lonely nights. To everybody in college, though, it’s the perfect theme for the next big bash.

Setting Up

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion or have been inside the Playboy Club in Las Vegas than you’re well aware of just how eccentric and opulent the old man is with his furnishings. While nobody expects you to match the sheer extravagance of the Playboy mansion, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put a little effort in to make your party space look the part.

The first thing you can do is go to any local fabric store and pick up expensive looking fabrics, ranging from red velvet to black satin, to drape all over your event space. Cover any furnishings you have with red and gold fabrics to give your space that “expensive” look and feel. Pull down any sports posters that may be lining the walls and replace them with blown up Playboy magazine covers – a feat easily accomplished through a store like Costco or CVS Pharmacy.

For your alcoholic options, you may want to stick with “classier” drinks like bourbon, whiskey, wine, and Champaign. To infuse a little bit of Hefner’s favorites into your drink menu, you’ll definitely want a healthy supply of Jack Daniels and diet Pepsi on hand. Mix these two refreshing gems together and you’ll have yourself the old man’s drink of choice.

What to Wear?

Attire should be fairly self explanatory. Men dress up as the man in charge himself and women show up in their best take on a Playboy bunny. To achieve the Hugh Hefner look, all that’s required these days is a sea captain’s hat, a pair of silk pajamas, and a silk robe to match. For a classier and somewhat younger take on the magazine creator, the guys can show up in full on suits with a few Playboy bunnies on either arm.

Women have it fairly easy as any Playboy bunny costume can be found on-line or in any costume shop. Black stockings, a corset, and bunny ears will go a long way with this costume. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to coax a few of your female friends to show up in full Playboy bunny attire and serve drinks to your guests.

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