Drunk Driver

By: The Rulemaster

Drunk Driver is a fun card game with an ultimate goal of getting drunk. In the game there is one 'Dealer' and one 'Drunk Driver'. The objective is for the Drunk Driver to successfully finish a round.

What You Need

  • Standard deck of playing cards
  • Alcohol of your choice
  • 2 players

Setting Up

The two players will need to sit opposite one another with a playing table between them. Next, decide who will be the 'Dealer' and who will be the 'Drunk Driver'.


The Dealer will then hand out six cards face down in a line in front of the Drunk Driver. Starting from the left and working their way right, the Drunk Driver will flip over each card. If the Drunk Driver flips an Ace or face card (e.g. King, Queen, or Jack), he or she will be penalized. Depending on the card, the Drunk Driver will be dealt additional cards to their line. Jack = +1 card, Queen = +2 cards, King = +3 cards, and Ace = +4 cards.

If the card that is flipped is a non-face card (e.g. 2-10), nothing happens and the Drink Driver can move onto flipping over the next card in the line. For each additional card that is dealt during the game, the Drunk Driver must drink one shot or one sip (depending on your preference) of an alcoholic beverage.

The game continues until the Drunk Driver has gone through all of the dealt cards. If the Dealer runs out of cards during the game, he or she can simply reshuffle the cards that have already been played and continue. If you choose to play with more than two players, add additional Drunk Drivers and play in the same manner. Once one Drunk Driver clears all of the cards, move onto the next Drunk Driver in line.


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