Keg Stands

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A keg stand is not technically a game but rather a test of endurance. This wild source of entertainment is popular at parties where drinking is involved. The main concept of keg stands is to see how long a person can chug from a tapped keg before having to stop.

What You Need

  • Keg of beer
  • Keg tap
  • 2+ support people
  • Timer

Setting Up

Before the game can begin, someone will need to tap the keg. You will then need to find at least two people to help the support the person performing the keg stand. While some people are able to support their own body while in a handstand position, most are not, especially after having a few drinks.

Set up the keg in the middle of the room to allow one person to stand on either side of the person drinking from the keg.


The first person to perform a keg stand will stand directly in front of the keg with the two support people on each side. Hold the tap and hoist yourself up into a handstand position. If you need support, have a person on each side hold a leg to help you stay upside down. Next, wrap your lips around the tap. Ideally, a third person should be there to open it and get the flow of alcohol running.

The object of the keg stand game is to keep drinking as long as possible. While it is not necessary, you can make keg stands more competitive by actually timing how long a person is able to drink before giving up. When you are not able to drink anymore, give the person in front of you a signal, such as a shake of the head, to tell them to close the tap. The person that drinks the longest is the winner.


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