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Mexicali combines the fun of drinking with the luck of rolling a pair of dice. This drinking game also gives the participants the option to bluff to avoid drinking. If you’re a good liar, this may be the game for you. The object of the game is to roll the dice and to beat or tie the previous player’s score.

What You Need

  • 2 dice
  • Empty solo cup
  • Alcohol of your choice
  • 2-plus players

Set Up

The game begins once everyone is seated around a table. Place the two dice into the empty solo cup and place it in front of the first player. Each player will take turns shaking the cup and rolling the dice out onto the table with the cup over top to prevent other people from seeing the result.


Once the player whose turn it is to role the dice has rolled and knows the results, that person will then announce what he or she rolled. The next player goes and rolls the dice, announcing what they rolled but not actually showing the dice. The goal is to beat the roll of the previous person that went before you. However, if you did not beat their roll you have the option of bluffing. However, if someone calls you out on your bluff, you must drink. If they call your bluff incorrectly, they must drink.

Rolls are based on the two-digit number when placed side to side. For example, if you roll a 6 and an 8, the number would be 86 as the higher number is always said first. If you happen to throw doubles, the value is one die times a hundred. For example, if you throw the dice and get two 4s, your number would be 400. If everyone who is playing takes a turn without beating the highest role, the game is over.


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