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If you’re able to handle your booze, Threshold can be a fun game involving lots of drinking. It’s also a fairly easy game to learn and can be fun when you get together a group of people to participate. Threshold is a great game to end the night with after going through all of your other favorite drinking games.

What You Need

  • A cup
  • 3-plus people
  • A die
  • A quarter
  • Beer

Setting Up

Have everyone who is playing sit around a table. Place the die and the quarter into the cup and give it to the first player. During the game, move in a circle clockwise with each player having the chance to shake the cup.


The first player shakes the cup containing the quarter and the die. As the person is shaking the cup, they must call out ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ out loud for everyone to hear. The player then dumps the die and quarter out onto the table. If the person who shook the cup was correct, the person to their right must drink based on the number on the die. For example, if the die showed a 5, then the person must have 5 shots of beer or other alcohol. However, if the person who shook the cup is wrong, that player must drink.

There are some variations to Threshold that you can play if you feel like increasing your buzz factor even more. Instead of using just one die, you can use two dice. The game works in the same way. However, instead of drinking based on just one die, the person must drink based on both dice. For example, if the person rolls a 2 on one die and a 4 on the other, the shaker or the person next to them must have 6 drinks.


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