Trigger Drink

By: The Rulemaster

If you are an avid gamer, you will love this next drinking game. Trigger Drink is a fun game to play with a few friends when you are bored and involves drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage while progressing through an action-packed video game. You can play with any game but the best options for this drinking game are video games that involve levels, battles and unique characters.

What You Need

  • Video game system and game
  • TV
  • Two or more players
  • Alcohol of your choice

Setting Up

Get the video game system started with your favorite game and have everyone sit around the television. Have shots within reach to make it easy to drink when you see a “trigger.”


The rules of Trigger Drink can vary depending on the video game that you play. You can create your own set of rules for your favorite video games or following the basic outline provided below.

Drink one shot whenever:

  • A character gains a level
  • You win a battle
  • You defeat a boss

Drink three shots whenever:

  • A character learns a new ability
  • Someone mentions a particular character
  • You use a special ability

Finish your drink whenever:

  • You pause the game
  • You switch out a party member
  • You equip something

There is no end to the game and you can quit whenever you and your friends feel like it or when you get too drunk to continue playing. It can be fun to try a variety of games to see which offers the most fun and opportunities to drink. The winner of the game is whoever is able to progress through the game the furthest without quitting.

trigger drink

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