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If you enjoy a little beer chugging, Landmines is the drinking game for you. The game involves some wagering on the amount of beer that you believe you can drink while a quarter spins on its side. You will need just a few simple supplies to start the game.

What You Need

  • A quarter
  • Beer in cans
  • Large table

Setting Up

Start by gathering everyone around a large table. Choose one player to go first. This player will take possession of the quarter. Everyone should also have a full can of beer in front of them.



The first player who has the quarter will start by spinning the quarter on the table. As the quarter spins, the player must chug the beer in front of them. Once the beer has been chugged, the player must try to pick up the quarter while it is still spinning. One important rule is that the player must pick up the spinning quarter with the same hand that they chugged the beer with.

If the quarter stops before the player is able to chug their beer, it is considered an unsuccessful turn and the player must take a drink and try again. Once the player is successful, it moves to the next player to the left. If a player is unsuccessful three times in a row, they must face a penalty. This penalty can be decided by the other players.

Once each player is finished drinking their beers, the empty beer cans turn into “landmines.” A player with a landmine has the option to smash the spinning quarter during anyone else’s turn, causing that player to have to spin and drink again. While there is no real winner in this game, there is a lot of drinking which makes it a fun party game.


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