Never Have I Ever

By: The Rulemaster

Never Have I Ever is a popular drinking game in which players take turns asking other players about things they have never done. If the other players have done the activity asked, then they have to drink. Never Have I Ever is a great way to get to know a group of people but can result in getting very drunk.

What You Need

  • Ideally 5-plus people
  • Shot glasses
  • Alcohol of your choice

Set Up

Gather all of the participants in one place, preferably around a table with alcohol in the center for easy access. In front of each player, there should be a shot glass filled with alcohol. Decide who will go first.


The first player starts by announcing something that they have never done. For example, the player may say, “Never have I ever been arrested.” If any of the other players have been arrested, they must drink their shot. The next player in the circle will then say something that they have never done. Move around the circle in a clockwise motion. If a player states an activity that they have never done but no one else in the game drinks, the person who asked must drink instead. Continue playing until only one player has alcohol left in their cup. This person is the winner.

You can also choose to play an alternative version of the game called “Ten Fingers.” With this version, everyone must hold up their hands to show how many fingers they have up. If someone says something that they have never done but you have, you need to put down a finger. The first person to have all 10 fingers down needs to drink. You can continue playing to see who lasts the longest and that player is the ultimate winner.


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