Roman Numerals

By: The Rulemaster

Roman Numerals is a fun drinking game that is played in the same manner as standard 21s. However, instead of using traditional numbers roman numerals are used. This game needs just a couple players and of course, lots of beer or your choice of alcohol.

What You Need

  • 2-plus players
  • Booze

Setting Up

Have all of the people who will be participating sit in a circle around a table. Each person should have a beer in hand or a shot glass of alcohol.


The game begins when the first player says “To my left, I” before the next player in the circle counts the next roman numeral. For example, the person to the left will say II, and then the next person will say III, then IV, and onwards.

Players can also choose to say a combination of roman numerals which affects game play. When a single number is said on its own, the game continues going in the same direction. However, if two numbers are said in succession, such as “II and III,” the direction of the game play goes into reverse. If three numbers are said in succession, such as “II, III, and IV,” the next player skips his or her turn.

However, there are some rules when saying roman numerals. First, the same combination of numbers cannot be repeated three times in a row. If this does occur, the offending player must face a penalty which consists of drinking 3 fingers.

The game of Roman Numerals continues in the same manner until a player makes a mistake or the final number of XXI is reached. When a player makes a mistake when saying the next number, they must drink 2 fingers as a penalty. The final player who reaches XXI must drink the rest of their beer or cup of alcohol.


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