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Music is the heart and soul of any party. Without music there would just be the roar of voices, awkward silence and no dancing. How lame does that sound? No matter what kind of party you are throwing the music you play will be a key to the atmosphere the party takes on. Essentially, music can make or break a party on whether the party is a success. We bring you funny music videos and party music advice.

March 16, 2011

Choosing the right sorority can be very hard. Every girl is trying to convince you to join their sorority over all the others. It's like you are the most popular girl at the party. These girls from Baylor University have put a whole new spin to their rush process with an awesome rush song and music video.

By: DJ Party Time

March 05, 2011

Schaffer the Darklord brings you their new song The Bender. This stupid awesome music video shows you exactly how not to party and was directed by Burke Heffner. The partying starts so good and ends so bad. You have to watch this video for an entertaining party scene.

By: DJ Party Time

February 09, 2011

Have you seen The Social Network? Or for that matter ever used Facebook? Well I can answer that one, hell yeah! With over 500 million users, everyone has used Facebook. You have to check out this video called The Brocial Network. It is a parody of The Social Network and it is hilarious!

By: DJ Party Time

January 28, 2011

The Lonely Island is back with their new hit song called I Just Had Sex. This is their first single from their new album. Simply sit back, hit play, and laugh your ass off. They always make completely ridiculous hip-hop songs and this one is no exception.

By: DJ Party Time