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Connections may seem like a complex game with a lot of directions but it's fairly simple. The game can have nearly unlimited players but the fewer players involved, the faster you will get drunk.

What You Need

  • Deck of standard playing cards
  • Alcohol
  • 3 + players

The Set Up

Begin with all players in a circle around the playing table. Have the dealer deal out all of the cards evenly among the players. Each player should have his or her own pile of cards lying face down in front of them. Players should not look at their own or anyone else's pile of cards during the game.


The player to the right of the dealer begins the game by flipping their top card over. The next person to the right then flips their top card over. If the cards are of the same suit or the same number, there is a connection.

If the cards are connected by suite or number, then both players must drink the amount indicated on the card. For example, if the first player turns a 4 of clubs, they must drink 4 sips of alcohol. If the second player turns an 8 of clubs, they must drink 8 sips of alcohol.

If a connection is made twice or if more than two people in a row make the same connection, all players within that connection must drink according to the numbers on their cards. This means that the first two people have now drank twice off one card. When counting the cards, A = 14, K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, 10 = 10, 9 = 9, etc.

If there is no connection, no one in the circle drinks until a connection is made. The game is over when there are no cards left.


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