Power Hour Drinking Game & Project

By: The Rulemaster

Power Hour is a unique party game that combines drinking with music. The game requires players to drink a shot of beer every minute for a total of 60 minutes while listening to an hour of an MP3 mix. Every player who is able to make it the whole 60 minutes without quitting or missing a shot is a winner.

What You Need

  • 1 shot glass for each player
  • Plenty of beer (about 6 or 7 per person)
  • Sound system that plays music

Set Up

Power Hour requires minimal setup. Every player should have a shot glass in their hand and easy access to beer for fast refills. Someone will also need to create an hour-long mix of songs. There should be 60 songs that are 1-minute clips. Have the speakers of the sound system nearby so that itís easy to hear when the song changes. Also have a clock or timer to keep track of the time.


Power Hour is a great game for parties as there is no maximum number of participants. Everyone who wants to play can join in. Start the sound system and when the first song starts to play, everyone should take their first shot. As each song clip should be just 60 seconds long, the next song should play automatically at the 1-minute mark. When the next song starts to play, take another shot.

The game will continue to progress in the same way with each participate taking a shot when the next song starts to play. If a player misses a shot, they are out of the game. A player can also choose to quit the game at any time. Whoever is left at the end of the game and have taken all 60 shots of beer are the winners.

Power Hour Project

The Power Hour Project is a website that allows users to enjoy their favorite Power Hours. A traditional Power Hour consists of 60 shots of beer every minute for 60 minutes. Check out this page (this would be a link to the other power hour page?) for a more in depth explanation of the classic Power Hour!

The problem with enjoying a Power Hour is finding a playlist or a video that plays a song every 60 seconds while also being a playlist you and your friends enjoy. The Power Hour Project solves this problem by playing your favorite Spotify Premium or YouTube playlist.

The Power Hour Project also gives you the ability to build your own playlists, choose from different sound effects between songs, and set the start time for each individual track. If the track only plays for 60 seconds, you want the best 60 seconds of that song! Donít want to build your own hour? Check out the public Power Hour playlists by Browsing the Power Hours!

Sync your Power Hour online with your friends! Start your Power Hour, set your Power Hour to public, and invite your friends with the Party Code! Power Hour alone is awesome, but a Power Hour together is special. Itís ALL FOR FREE.


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