Drug Dealer

By: The Rulemaster

Drug Dealer is a simple drinking game that requires just one card per player. The game requires one King, one Ace, and a mixture of numbered cards – some high, some low. Provide all participants with the rules and assign roles using the cards before the game begins.

What You Need

  • 6+ players
  • 1 deck of cards
  • Alcohol

Setting Up

Have all players sit in a circle. Draw the same number of cards as participants. For example, if you have eight people playing, you’ll need eight cards. Within these cards should be one ace, one king, and a mix of numbered cards. When choosing numbered cards for the game, keep in mind that lower value cards equal less alcohol consumption, and vice-versa.


Start by mixing up the cards and distributing one card to each player. Players should look at their own card only. The player who gets the Ace is the drug dealer and the person who gets the king is a cop. To play, the drug dealer must discreetly wink at any other player.

To make a “deal”, any player who sees the wink must then say “The deal has been made.” The cop should then identify his or herself. It is then up to the cop to determine who the drug dealer is. If the cop sees the wink as its occurring, the drug dealer must drink a total of five seconds. The game then restarts.

If the cop does not see the wink and has to guess who the drug dealer is, there are consequences for wrong guesses. Each time the cop guesses wrong, the cop must drink the value on that player’s card. The card is then removed from the game. If the cop guesses correctly, the drug dealer must drink the number on the remaining cards from all players. Once the drug dealer has been correctly identified, the game restarts.


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